Philippe CHAUVIN

Actor • Stage director


I want to play more and more outside France. Meet different way of working and thinking, different way of traveling is a very good thing.

Education/ Training

Education of actor in the Regional Actor ‘s School in Cannes (1992-94) - with B. MEYERS, F. MARTHOURET, G. DESCRIERES, V. HAÏM,… ‘. (This school is among the best 7 in France)
Training in the Art of Griot by Sotigui KOUYATÉ (1996, 2001)
Training storytelling by Hassane, Esther and Toumani KOUYATÉ
Training performance in front of the camera film (N. HABIB - P. LOUAN, 2006, 2009)
Training lyrical singing
Training playing masked (G. Freixe)
Training puppets (P. BLAISE, PF LUCAS)

Cinema, TV movies

Talk Show (2011) - X. GIANNOLI
The extraordinary adventures of Adèle Blanc Se c (2010) - L. BESSON
The Louis XVI s’ escape (2008) - A DE SELIGNAC,
Little Nicolas (2008) - L. TIRARD
Kutusov/The adults (in Russian and in French, major role) (2008) - D.TOMASHPOLSKI
The volunteer (2005) - JP MOCKY,
Saint Germain or The Negotiation, TV movie (2002) - G. CORBIAU
The Miser , TV movie (2006) - Ch. DE CHALONGE

Advertising, serial, instituti

The gentleman middle class , TV movie (2009) - Ch. DE CHALONGE
The bus, Actifed advertising (1999) - J. WOOD
Toyo advertising (2003) - M. HAGA
On the thread, season N°1 (episode: exclusive harm, 2007) - F. BERTHE
Joking aside, season N° 2 (episode: Deceived, 1999) - P. CHAUMEIL
Venus and Apollo, season N° 2 (2007) - P. LAHMANI
Mystery Mocky presents; (episode: Service made, 2007) - JP MOCKY
Old insurances lessons, institutional film - E. DESERT
Clips rap shorts- (G. TUNZINI, B. NAUER …) et middle length films (J.C BRIALY,…) and shorts stories of Groland


I have worked for Radio France and set wave two radio dramas - H. PINTER et P. HANKE


7 voices of men in the war, reading show of letters of “poilus” - P. OYER
Touches of madness (R. Dubillard (2010)) - P. OYER
The Terrible Voice of Satan (G. Motton) - Cl. REGY
Murder, (Ph. Minyana) - R. CANTARELLA and Ph. MINYANA
Historia, I like all men who dive, (W. Gombrowicz) - EUGE NIL
The escaped (C. Mirjol) - D. ISMARD

Street theatre

The Double de Scapin, scene of the beating

Direction and writing

Must we mutilate Bintah?
3 shorts plays against STD/AIDS ‘in Sousou the language of Guinea
Direction and playing of texts of Henri Michaux in music


Carousel – Woyzeck (G. Büchner) - J.F. FAVREAU
the Castanouille or The fable of the scientist the frog and the two rascals (E Moreau) - E MOREAU


Writing and playing de nine plays de interactive tales for children and adults (Toubabou Tali, Wisdom of the Tree, Pretty to … be crunched, The Difficult question, For more information visit
Nasreddine Hodja - D. DE BOUTRAY

Animation Workshops

Animation workshops of tales and/or theater for all ages (in Paris and the suburbs)

Anglais très bien accent français, italien et russe assez bien

Parle aussi les langues africaines, bien

Logeable partout en France