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Francoise voyage entre la France et Les Etats Unis.

Francoise was born in Paris, France. She started to perform as an actress on stage at an early age. After graduating in Art, Literature and Philosophy, Francoise began attending a private acting/directing school to refine her skills. At the end of the first year, the school director sent her to an audition she didn't have to pass. Francoise went on a European tour of "Crime and Punishment". Back in Paris, Francoise went to work for the leading Dubbing/Voice Over studios, lending her voice to many American and European Features films and TV Series. In Addition to acting, Francoise started to learn production and began writing screenplays with lead females characters. In 1998, Francoise moved to Los Angeles to pursue her entertainment career. She started to work in various productions on the production side in commercials, industrials, political spots, TV series and documentary projects. She started as a production assistant and quickly moved to other positions such as associate producer, production office coordinator and executive producers. Francoise also self-financed, directed, and wrote three short films. As a screenwriter, Francoise was hired to write CGI animation projects such as Bremen and Sonic Boom. She's still pursuing her acting career.