Mohamad AL RASHI

Artiste interprète

Acteur Syrien

Actor, director and musician.
Mohamad Al Rashi Artistic director Actor and director Mohamad Al Rashi was born in Syria in 1970. Actor, director and musician. He graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts of Damascus in 1995. He began his professional life as an actor at the National Theater in Damascus. He co-founded Damascus Theater Lab with Oussama Ghanam in 2009. He participated at While I was waiting text by Mohammad Al Attar, staged by Omar Abussada. The show had a big European tour starting with the Avignon Festival in 2016 then, in Brussels, Lausanne, Naples, Zurich, Paris, Geneva, and an international tour took place in Japan, USA, and Australia. Mohammad is a regular collaborator with Collective Ma'louba in Theatre An der Ruhr. This collaboration started in 2017 at Your love is Fire, then Days in The Sun in 2018, and Danton Returns in 2021, all written by Mudar Alhagge. Since the end of 2014 he resides in Marseille, France.


1995 He graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts of Damascus
2014 Réside à marseille depuis 2014

double nationalité franco- syrienne résident à MarseilleHe is a founding member of the association "Damascus Theater Laboratory" and is part of the cadre of teachers. He also taught drama at the Higher Institute of Drama of Damascus.


2023 he played in “The Green Border” - by Agnieszka Holland. - rôles principaux Jalal Altawil Behi Djanati Atai Mohamad Al Rashi Dalia Naous Maja Ostaszewska Tomasz W?osok
Prix Spécial du Jury – Biennale de Venise 2023- Sélection Toronto International Film Festival 2023 New York Film Festival 2023-
2022 he played in “Les Indésirables” BATMENT 5 - by Ladj Ly. - secondaire (Tourné en français)
2021 he played in "The Return" - - by Meyar Al Roumi - principal
2021 he played in (production allemande) "XOFTEX" - by Noaz Deshe. - tourné à berlin (tourné en arabe)
2019 he played in "The Hangar" - by Eyas Al Mokdad. - tourné en belgique , en arabe rôle principal )
2018 he played in Cover up - - Marie-amelie Steul. - tourné en arabe rôle principal
2013 he played in "The 4th O'clock In Paradise Time" - directed by Mohamad abdoul Aziz. - tourné en syrie rôle principal
2011 he filmed "The Immigrants" - - by Soavoder Mrojek, directed by Mohamad abdoul Aziz. - tourné en syrie rôle principal


2016 LE BUREAU DES LEGENDES 2 épisodes - Ammar Al-Roumi
1999-2023 TV: Mohamad Al Rashi is also a television actor. He has turned in about 20 TV movies, and 50 TV Series - grand acteur syrien qui a porté de nombreux films et séries dans le monde arabe
2008 Wajh Aladalah - Produite par Hamada Gamalaldeen - a Syrian TV series about crimes

Court Métrage

2019 Handarbeit - Marie-Amélie Steul - rôles principaux
short film breaks 2020 Vainqueur Golden Elephant Audience Award- Dream City Rivne international film festival 2019 Vainqueur III Prize International Program - Short Feature Films


2022 “ Up There” - by Weal Kadour staged by Mohamad Al Rashi.
2021 “ On Loss “ - by Weal Kadour staged by Wael Ali.
2021 ” THE RETURN OF DANTON “ - by Moudar Alhaje staged by Omar Elerian.
2019 " Days In The Sun" - by Moudar Alhaje.
2019 "Chronicles of A City We Never Knew" - by Weal Kadour, staged by Mohamad Al Rashi.
2018 " UR " - Written and staged by Suleiman Al Bassam.
In Munich, Carthage Theater Festival.
2017 " Your love is Fire " - by Moudar Alhaje staged by Rafat alzakout.
European tour: in Germany and Edinburgh Festival.
2023 “Existing” - by Wihad Souliman staged by Lydia Ziemke.
2016 "While I was waiting for you" - by Mohammad El Attar, staged by Omar Abussada.
European tour: Avignon Festival, Brussels, Lausanne, Naples, Zurich, Paris, Geneva...
2012 "Pallier of Suffering Of Mem Ghada" - staged by Abdallah Alkafri.
2014 "Les justes" - by Albert Camus staged by Mehdi Aldahabi
in Braunschweig, Germany
2013 "Homecoming" by - Harold Pinter staged by Ossama Ghanam
in Damascus.
2010 The novel of Baïbars" - staged by Marcel Bozonnet
in Paris and Marseille.
2009 "The Last Band" - by Samuel Beckett staged by Ossama Ghanam
in Damascus and Beirut.
2008 he played in Soavoder Mrojek's "The Immigrants' ' - staged by Samer Omran ( in Damascus and then in Amman, Beirut, Cairo and Sharjah.)
2000 he plays in "Gilgamesh" - staged by Pascal Rambert
as part of the Festival d'Avignon.
1999 In 1999 he did "steps" as a director, in Damascus, Carthage Theater Festival.


2008 "The Immigrants" - directed by Samer Omran.
2008 Aristophanes "Women's Assembly" - staged by Ramzi Choukair
2006 Chitra daughter of Rabindranath kings" of Tagore, - directed by Ramzi Choukair
1999-2014 As a musician he joined the group Catherine Vincent in 2014 and together they signed the recital: "Love, peace and revolution".He is a composer of music for the theater
2005 The little world" - of Nawar Bulbul
2005 Diplomats" - by Ghassan Massoud
1999 Steps " - by Mohamad AL Rashi

trailer de the green border

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