Anne-Marie AGBODJI

Artiste interprète


The Pod Generation - Sophie Barthes - Affable Nurse
With Emilia Clarke, Chiwetel Ejiofor...
The Goldfinch - J. Crowley - Receptionist (Supporting)
Cupid Standoff - A. Shakanova - Dancing Dervish Inc. - production, role principale féminin - Mary (lead)
Les Papiers Volants - Dancing Dervish Inc. - Écriture, réalisation, production, role principale féminin - Cécile (lead)
Chromosome 4 - D. Diosdado Nomada Films - Role principale féminin - Alicia (lead)
Foreign Sounds - E. Shahinian - Rrole principale féminin - Laura (Lead)
Mania - A. ShakanovA - Écriture, role principale féminin – Carrie (lead)


Encounters - Jessica Williams
Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan - Jann Turner - CIA Lawyer (co-star) - AMAZON
Le Bureau Des Legendes - Jacques Audiard - Vicky Morris (Récurrent)
New York , Unité Spéciale - Juan Campanella - Server (Co-Star)
The Reversal - Keef Louda - Cheryl Stewart (Co-Star)
Evil , I - Jonathan Crowell - Sandra (Guest-Star)


Conflicts Sur Demande


Antigone Chœur
The Storm Theatre (NYC)
Midsummer Night’s Dream Philostrate/Cobweb
The Storm Theatre (NYC)
Oy! Narrator Roy Arias
Roy Arias Theatre (NYC)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Moth/Quince)
Connecticut Free Shakespeare (CT)
Street Scene Mae Jones & The woman
Brave New World Repertory Theatre (NYC)
Connecting Trains Joanna
Harlem Arts Festival (NYC)
U Asnaketch
Here Art Center (NYC)
Tea and Sympathy Laura
Aaron Davis Hall (NYC)
The Screens Leila
Aaron Davis Hall (NYC)
The Slaveship - African Spirit
Aaron Davis Hall (NYC)


Terry Schreiber Studio New York City, USA
Weist-Barron Studios New York City, USA
Aaron Davis Hall (CCNY) New York City, USA
Audition Arts New York City, USA